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Welcome to St. Matthew Parish!


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The parish is the place where Jesus touches our lives through the sacraments, especially through the Eucharist which we receive weekly, while some receive daily. Jesus is the center of our life and in the Sacraments of Eucharist and Reconciliation we meet the loving and forgiving God. 

As you will see, our parish is involved with the activities of many people and we try to share the responsibility of stewardship by committing our time, talents and treasure.  Please consider one or two areas of service in which you will be able to serve.  In this way, you will be serving the Church and making this parish your own.  Remember the familiar saying, "Many hands make light work."

Thank you for visiting our parish and I hope you have many years as a member of our special community.

Sincerely in Christ,

The parish community of St. Matthew


Our Mission

St. Matthew Mission Statement:    
We, the members of the St. Matthew Parish community being many parts but one sacramental body, are sent by the love of God to make Christ present in the world. 

Declaración de la Misión de la Parroquia San Mateo:  
 Nosotros, los miembros de la comunidad parroquial de San Mateo, siendo muchas partes, pero un solo cuerpo sacramental, somos enviados por el amor de Dios para hacer presente a Cristo en el mundo.

From Our Pastor:

On Saturday May 16, Bishop Daniel Conlon ordained four men to the Catholic priesthood at our cathedral church of St. Raymond in Joliet. Priesthood, like Baptism and Confirmation, does something to you that will remain forever. In Baptism, God the Father formed you into the image of his Beloved Christ so that the Holy Spirit could come and live within you. This is a change that can never be blotted out or erased. Forever you will look like Christ. But will I live like Christ? That’s the challenge, isn’t it? We can reject this gift of grace within us and banish the Holy Spirit by embracing sin. We can love evil over what is good. If we stubbornly choose to live and die this way, God will respect that free choice and we will live forever in that miserable state. If we do not choose God and love him in this life, we won’t want to when we meet him face-to-face.
But how beautiful it is to embrace the gift of grace within us! At Pentecost, which we will celebrate next week, the followers of Jesus received a deeper gift of grace within them. What a change in their lives! The cowards of the crucifixion boldly proclaimed and lived their faith in Christ—no matter the cost. At Confirmation, we receive that same gift. God confirms the initial grace given to us in Baptism and strengthens it, so that we can respond promptly and strongly and generously to his impulses in our daily lives. We can grow in grace, we can grow in love. And the more we do that now, the greater our joy will be in heaven. If we freely choose to live and die embracing God in this life, God will bless this choice and welcome us into eternal happiness.
Now let me return to our priests. Please pray for your priests. Pray that they will be faithful day by day to the wonderful gift of the sacrament of Holy Orders. It is a gift that has been given to them to help you grow in holiness. Without our priests, we do not have the mercy of Jesus in Confession. Without our priests, we do not have the Body and Blood of Jesus in the Eucharist. If our priests respond as God calls them, they will be holy priests. And know that your priests pray for you, that you will be faithful day by day to the wonderful gift of your Baptism and Confirmation. Without you, there would be no family of God. Let us all freely choose to embrace God and all he asks of us in this life. Let us not only look like Christ, by the power of his sacraments. Let us live like Christ. Our priests act in the person of Christ the head of the Church. You act in the communion of the Body of Christ.
Together, we are members of the one Christ. Together, may we live forever in his eternal happiness. Come Holy Spirit, make us true and full followers of Jesus the Christ.
With my prayers,
Fr. Jerome